WRS Class becomes Republic of South Sudan Recognized Organization

WRS (WISE Register of Shipping) has become authorized and recognized by the Ministry of Roads and Transport, Republic of South Sudan. WRS Class is now responsible for issuing statutory certificates and conducting statutory surveys for vessels operating under the flag of South Sudan. This authorization also extends to future developments and the organization of the maritime sector and waterways in the Republic of South Sudan.

Here are the key details regarding WRS Class's recognition and operational authorization in the Republic of South Sudan:

WRS Classification Society: WRS Class follows strict guidelines in maritime management to ensure the safety and security of vessels and offshore facilities. They are committed to providing high standards in the services they offer and work with worldwide administrations to ensure efficient classification and management systems in accordance with international standards. WRS excels in audits and surveys, following internationalized standards to deliver accurate results. They offer classification services for both commercial and personal vessels, ensuring compliance with regulations and protocols to prioritize the safety and security of those on board.

Operational Authorization: WRS is authorized to operate in various sectors as per the agreement. They are allowed to conduct audits and surveys for all types of vessels as required. Statutory certification and classification of vessels will be carried out in accordance with the governing laws of the Republic of South Sudan, maintaining national and international regulations and protocols. WRS will actively support the growth of the maritime sector, contribute to the proper development of waterways, and participate in the training of staff.

Ministry of Roads and Transport, Republic of South Sudan: The Ministry of Roads and Transport is the authority responsible for waterways and the marine sector in the Republic of South Sudan. They oversee the operation of inland waterways and manage vessels that operate under the flag of South Sudan. Although the country is landlocked, it has access to ports via waterways for small vessels on a seasonal basis. The waterways and vessels maintained by the Ministry contribute to connecting different parts of the country and drive economic growth. The development of waterways and the maritime sector will create new opportunities for trade and financial growth.

Support and Development: WRS Class will provide support and contribute to the growth and development of the nation's ship registry under the Ministry of Roads and Transport, Republic of South Sudan. They will offer proper training to staff members according to International Maritime Organization (IMO) standards. WRS has a strong presence in providing classification and other maritime sector-related services worldwide. Their extensive network is constantly updated to ensure relevance and uninterrupted service to clients.

With WRS Class's recognition by the Ministry of Roads and Transport, Republic of South Sudan, there will be enhanced support, growth, and development in the maritime sector, ensuring compliance with international standards and promoting the safety and security of vessels operating under the South Sudan flag.