WRS Class becomes The Republic of Cameroon Recognized Organisation

WRS Class (WISE Register of Shipping) has become the authorized and recognized organization of the Ministry of Transport, represented by the Government of The Republic of Cameroon. WRS Class will now perform survey and certification services for vessels registered in Cameroon, adhering to the Central African Economic & Monetary Community (CEMAC) Merchant Shipping Code and complying with International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations.

Here are the key details regarding WRS Class's operational authorization and collaboration with the Republic of Cameroon:

Authorization and Certification: WRS Class is authorized to certify and oversee the construction, maintenance, and decommissioning of vessels across different categories. They can issue certifications and conduct evaluations and regulatory surveys throughout the lifecycle of a vessel. The certifications cover various aspects of safety regulations for cargo, passenger, and special vessels, following both national and international standards. WRS Class is authorized to issue certifications such as Tonnage, Load Line, Compliance of Special Requirement, Authorization of Carriage & Cargo, International Safety & Security, IAPP (International Air Pollution Prevention) & EIAPP (Engine International Air Pollution Prevention), and more, in accordance with SOLAS, MARPOL, IMO, BHC, IGC, GC, and other relevant codes.

Ministry of Transport of The Republic of Cameroon: The Ministry of Transport of The Republic of Cameroon is responsible for overseeing transportation activities, including land, air, and maritime transport within the country. It formulates and implements legislative and statutory measures to ensure transport safety.

Collaboration and Cooperation: WRS Class will work closely with the Ministry of Transport of The Republic of Cameroon to ensure the safety, security, and enforcement of international and national rules and regulations in the maritime sector. They will cooperate with the government to develop rules and regulations through local liaison meetings. WRS Class will also exchange data with the government regarding audits, certifications, evaluations, and other services provided. Transparent communication between WRS Class and the government will positively impact the safety and security of vessels, onboard cargo, and passengers.

Commitment to World-Class Services: WRS Class is committed to providing world-class services in audit, classification, and maintenance across various sectors of the maritime industry. With this partnership with the Government of The Republic of Cameroon, WRS Class will continue to uphold the highest standards in their system to ensure client satisfaction.

This recognition and collaboration between WRS Class and the Government of The Republic of Cameroon will contribute to the safe and efficient operations of vessels registered in Cameroon and ensure compliance with international and national regulations.