WRS class have subscribed eSIMS

For managing survey and certification activities, WISE Register of Shipping (WRS Class) has recently subscribed to eSIMSSM, the Electronic Survey Information Management System from FloatSys. The subscription to eSIMSSM , the Electronic Survey Information Management System from FloatSys, offers several benefits and features for WISE Register of Shipping (WRS Class) in managing survey and certification activities.

Electronic certificates

issued through eSIMSSM are consistent with the format and content required by

the relevant international convention or instrument. Electronic certificates

can be verified by scanning the QR code or clicking the URL provided in the

digital certificates. eSIMSSM electronic certificates comply with the IMO

“Guidelines for the Use of Electronic Certificates” (IMO Circular

FAL.5/Circ.39/Rev.2). The format and the content of the certificate are

consistent with the requirements in the conventions and are identical with the

paper-based certificates except for the electronic signature. It is not

necessary to print and sign the electronic certificate.

Electronic certificates

are a convenient way for ship owners and operators to evidence the validity of

their ship’s classification and statutory certifications. e-certificates

platform reduces administrative time and costs, allowing ship managers to keep

their certificates in a single, easily accessible online location. Easy and

safe to share with relevant stakeholders, e-certificates ensure operations do

not get disrupted by missing documentation. E-certificates provide the added

benefit of improving digital efficiency and being more secure than paper

certificates, eliminating the risk of misplaced documentation or late delivery.

Moreover electronic certificates provide the industry a means to eliminate

fraudulent certificates.

General Features

• Role based login for

surveyor/auditor, reviewer, admin, shipowner, flag administration.

• Dashboard based on

user type/credentials.

• Automated alerts

• Cloud based infrastructure

with onsite back up

• Assured information

security and disaster recovery measures.

• Verification of the

certificates online through QR code or unique ID

• iOS, Android, and

windows web-apps


• Eliminates

administrative burdens

• Eliminate the

necessity for all paper handling tasks

• Eliminates the

traditional file storage, organization, and retrieval nightmares

• Eliminates any

headaches associated with verifying certificate authenticity

• Eliminates the risk

of documentation ever getting lost or destroyed

• Can be easily shared

with stakeholders

Here is an overview of

the advantages and functionalities:

Consistent and Compliant Electronic Certificates: eSIMS enables the issuance of electronic certificates that adhere

to the format and content requirements of relevant international conventions

and instruments. These certificates are in line with the IMO "Guidelines

for the Use of Electronic Certificates" and are identical to paper-based

certificates, except for the electronic signature.

Verification and Accessibility: The electronic certificates generated by eSIMSSM can be

easily verified by scanning the QR code or clicking the provided URL. This

ensures the validity of the certificates and facilitates quick verification

processes. Ship owners and operators can conveniently access their ship's

classification and statutory certifications through the platform, eliminating

the need for physical copies.

Administrative Efficiency and Cost Reduction: The use of e-certificates eliminates administrative burdens

associated with handling paper-based tasks, such as storage, organization, and

retrieval. The platform offers a centralized, easily accessible online location

for all certificates, reducing administrative time and costs.

Improved Security and Elimination of Fraudulent

Certificates: Electronic

certificates enhance security by eliminating the risk of misplaced

documentation or late delivery. They also provide a means to eliminate

fraudulent certificates, ensuring the industry's integrity and reliability.

Role-based Login and Dashboard: eSIMSSM offers role-based logins for surveyors, auditors,

reviewers, admins, shipowners, and flag administrations. Each user type has a

personalized dashboard that provides relevant information and functionality

based on their credentials.

Automated Alerts: The system includes automated alerts, ensuring that users receive

timely notifications for certificate renewals, inspections, or other important


Cloud-Based Infrastructure and Data Security: eSIMSSM operates on a cloud-based infrastructure with onsite

backup, ensuring data security and disaster recovery measures. The platform

prioritizes information security and takes appropriate measures to protect

sensitive data.

Cross-Platform Compatibility: eSIMSSM provides web-apps for iOS, Android, and Windows,

enabling users to access the platform from various devices and operating


In summary, the

adoption of eSIMSSM by WRS Class streamlines administrative processes,

improves accessibility and security, reduces costs, and enhances efficiency in

managing survey and certification activities. The platform's features cater to

different user roles and provide a convenient and reliable solution for the

maritime industry.